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    Wireless LED Display Board
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    Andon Display
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    Custom Display
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    Scrolling LED Display Board
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    Customized Transport Display system
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    Toll Plaza display
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    Foreign Exchange Rate Display Board
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    Forex Rate Display Board. Installed at clients location.
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    Scrolling Display with Deonagari Font for Temple. Demo to the customer.
  • 5000 random true 60 bottom 30
    Forex Rate Display Board. Demo to the client.
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    Custom LED Display with Graphics and Scrolling Text

Embedsol Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of products which utilize Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to display alphabetical and numeric information. Our products includes LED display boards, Scrolling LED boards, Andon Displays, Industrial Displays, Advertisement Displays, production score boards, LED clocks, foreign exchange rates display boards, Gold rates display boards, Weather Parameter Displays, Temperature Displays, Weather Displays, Electronic Displays, Rolling Displays and similar display products.
These displays are ideal in industries, institutes, shopping malls, marriage halls, schools, petrol pumps, food courts and hospitals for information displaying or advertisement purpose. They are also used in industries to display number of days without accidents, target products that are used for safety purpose increasing overall productivity and also saving costs.

We are one of the renowned manufacturers of LED displays in Pune and around. We also design customized display products as per the orders.


  • Indoor LED Display
  • Outdoor LED Display
  • Video LED Display
  • LED “Open” Business Signs
  • Transportation Display System
  • LED Clocks
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Displays
  • Token Display Boards
  • Jewellery rate display boards
  • Custom Application LED Display
  • Led Scoreboard
  • Numeric Display
  • Fixed Message Sign
  • LED Message Sign
  • Industrial Parameter Display Boards
  • Scrolling LED Display boards
  • Score Boards
  • Andon Display
  • Safety Score Boards
  • Scrolling LED Display
  • Weather Parameter Displays
  • Electronic Display Boards
  • Rolling Display Boards
  • Indoor Advertisement Displays
  • Outdoor Advertisement Displays
  • Total Advertisement Solutions
  • Advertisement Signs
  • Bus Display Boards
  • Bus Route Displays
  •  Digital boards

Embedsol is a leading full service manufacturer, developer and designer of electronic LED based display boards and signs, such as indoor and outdoor LED display board and signs, moving message board, scrolling text displays, stock market tickers, LED based stock exchange display boards, variable message display systems, industrial LED display systems, centralized SMS based LED display boards, foriegn exchange rate displays, led display, scrolling display board, token display, electronic displays pune, foreign exchange rate display boards, jewellery rate display boards, andon display, wip displays, custom led displays, Weather displays, Temperature Displays, Electronic Displays, Rolling Displays, Bus display Boards, Bus route displays